3D scan, pressures, design and print.

Use your iPhone/iPad Pro to get an accurate 3D scan, pressures, design insoles and export your STL files to print or send to a 3D printing hub.

3D Scan more,
pay less.

Use your iPhone or your iPad Pro to achieve a high quality scan of the foot in a more efficient way without the high costs of expensive scanning solutions.


TrueDepth technology is used to unlock your iphone with Face ID. It has a high precision of 0.5mm between 0.1 and 1 meter of distance.


You will need only a minimum of five seconds to get a precise 3D scan of the plantar foot.

Take pressures with Wiky Platform.

The pressure platform with 2304 sensors is a system designed to measure and monitor pressure at various points within a structure or system. This platform features a large number of sensors distributed throughout the structure, allowing for precise, real-time measurement of pressure at each point.

Static / Dynamic

Take static and dynamic measurements of the plantar forces from the patients feet to analyze patients ambulation and stability. Identify gait and balance deviations to assits with orthotic and complentary therapeutic treatments.

Wifi connection

Simple wireless connection with your iPhone/iPad. You only need to connect the platform to some batter/power source or plugit into the wall.

Clean and crop scans,
automatically or manually.

99% of scans received from a non weight-bearing scan using iPhone/iPad or another system will need to be aligned and cleaned.

We’ve created a Web-Based tool that requires no installation on your computer, which you can whenever and wherever you need.

Automated alignment/cropping

Using algorithms created by our engineers  the system is capable of detecting the rotation of the foot and align to the transverse plane (floor) automatically.


Manually select the three key points for the alignment (middle of the heel, first and fifth metatarsal), to get align instantly. The crop using the bounding box.

Aligning & cropping tool

A short demo of how the the website based alignment and cropping tool works. Selecting the three key points and cropping takes as little as 5 seconds.

Post processing tools

A short demo of how the the website based post processing tool works. That post processing tool it’s really useful to remove small parts of the scans, fill holes, smooth and others.

Q1 2024

3D design

Forget about complex and time consuming interfaces, expensive and hard to use tools installed in your computer. Use our automated design tools to select an orthotic style and get your 3D STL or OBJ file in a few minutes.

Parametric tool

Modify the parameters. For example: increase/decrease the arch by 3mm,  rotate the heel 5 degrees, increase/decrease the shell thickness… etc

Account types

Professional account

Manage customers.

Create and manage your clients to give them access to scan and submit their patient data.

Manage scans.

Manage all the scans and patient information received from your customers. Align, crop and download ready to use 3D files. Review any notes/comments, images and PDF Order Forms received.

Decide who will be charged.

You choose as the distributor if you will be billed for the scan exports, redirect the belling to your customers, or a combination. Clients can manage their payment information in their individual client portal.


Integration useful for sending the scans, pictures and data to your own web based platform or any third party application.

Fillable PDF

Upload your fillable PDF to receive it completed by all your customers.

Basic account

Manage scans

Manage all the scans received from your customers. Align, crop and download it. Review any notes/comments, images and PDF Order Forms received.

MR Attachment

The MR attachment was created to make scanning easier with TrueDepth by reflecting the frontal camera with a mirror.

Without MR Attachment

With MR Attachment

Customized APP for your case use.

Need a 3D scan for case use and want to apply your own rules, users, logic? Then we can develop your application from the ground up matching your needs.


Our iPhone/iPad app created to get any type of scan, but more focused on foot scanning.


Custom application created for Golf/Tennis clubs to scan the players, or the players can scan themselves and order insoles.

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