Transforming O&P Labs and Clinicians with Innovation

Experience the power of cloud-based scanning, designing, and 3D printing services for O&P professionals.

Revolutionary Scanning Technology for O&P Labs and Clinicians

Experience the power of our advanced scanning feature, designed specifically for O&P labs and clinicians. Streamline your workflow and enhance patient care with our cloud-based SaaS platform.

Efficiently Scan

Capture precise measurements and detailed anatomical data with our cutting-edge scanning technology.


You will need only a minimum of five seconds to get a precise 3D scan of the plantar foot.

Streamline your O&P workflow with ease

Wiky Solutions offers advanced designing capabilities that simplify the workflow for clinicians in the O&P market. With our cloud platform, you can easily scan, design, and 3D print orthotics and prosthetics.

Efficient Designing

Design custom orthotics and prosthetics with precision and efficiency using our intuitive tools and prescription connected.

Seamless Workflow

Simplify your O&P workflow by seamlessly managing all your design tasks in one place.

Take pressures with Wiky Platform.

The pressure platform with 2304 sensors is a system designed to measure and monitor pressure at various points within a structure or system. This platform features a large number of sensors distributed throughout the structure, allowing for precise, real-time measurement of pressure at each point.

Static / Dynamic

Take static and dynamic measurements of the plantar forces from the patients feet to analyze patients ambulation and stability. Identify gait and balance deviations to assits with orthotic and complentary therapeutic treatments.

Wifi connection

Simple wireless connection with your iPhone/iPad. You only need to connect the platform to some batter/power source or plugit into the wall.

Aligning & cropping tool

A short demo of how the the website based alignment and cropping tool works. Selecting the three key points and cropping takes as little as 5 seconds.

MR Attachment

The MR attachment was created to make scanning easier with TrueDepth by reflecting the frontal camera with a mirror.

Without MR Attachment

With MR Attachment

Customized APP for your case use.

Need a 3D scan for case use and want to apply your own rules, users, logic? Then we can develop your application from the ground up matching your needs.


Our iPhone/iPad app created to get any type of scan, but more focused on foot scanning.


Custom application created for Golf/Tennis clubs to scan the players, or the players can scan themselves and order insoles.

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